From Česká Kamenice, Kotouč Brewery to Chřibská, Usedlost Na Stodolci


16 km


Česká Kamenice, Brewery Kotouč


Chřibská, Usedlost Na Stodolci

Beer-related experiences

Brewery Kotouč (Česká Kamenice), Beer Trail Cooler (Information centre in Česká Kamenice), Usedlost Na Stodolci

Route description

The stage from Česká Kamenice over the Jehla lookout point will lead you to one of the most beautiful places in the Lusatian Mountains – Zlatý vrch. From there, you will continue over the top of Studenec mountain where you will be able to climb a recently renovated lookout tower. If you are lucky, your trip will be spiced up with an encounter with unusual inhabitants of Czech mountains – the chamois. They can be found here thanks to the original owner of the estate, Count Kinský. After you leave Studenec, the road will gently take you all the way to Dolní Chřibská to its famous Usedlost na Stodolci.

Route: Česká Kamenice, square – blue trail mark – Jehla, lookout point – blue trail mark – Bratrské oltáře – blue trail mark – Líska – red trail mark – Zlatý vrch – red trail mark – Studenec, peak, lookout tower – red trail mark – Studený – green trail mark – Dolní Chřibská, Usedlost na Stodolci

As for accommodation, there are a number of interesting options in Chřibská. We recommend Usedlost Na Stodolci, however, be sure to make your reservation well in advance.

Points of interest

historical centre of Česká Kamenice, Jehla lookout point, Bratrské oltáře, Zlatý vrch, Stříbrný vrch, Studenec – lookout tower, rubble fields, primeval forest, Dolní Chřibská – Hübel factory aqueduct, water mill for spices

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