The Lusatian Mountains and their genius loci are an experience in itself. Deep forests, rustling beeches, fragrant meadows, pastures bustling with life, mysterious valleys, and steep hills – these are the main qualities of the Lusatian Mountains. In addition to lonely mountain paths and breathtaking views, the beer trail will provide the traveler with a plethora of other experiences. And as far as experiences go, the Lusatian Mountains Beer Trails is too good to be missed.

Silver mine Tour

Jiřetín pod Jedlovou
The oldest written records of mining on the Tolštejn estate come from 1474. The adit of St. Jan Evangelista as the best-preserved adit of the area was opened to the public in 1935 jointly by the local Association for Foreign Tourism and the Mountain Association.

sklárna Svojkov

Glassworks Svojkov

Svojkov 47, 471 53 Svojkov
Watch master glassmakers specialized in historic glass replicas hard at work on their fascinating projects. In this glassworks, beautiful replicas of historical glass are produced based on data obtained from archaeological research and other historical sources.

Kotouč Brewery Tour

Pivovarská 3, Česká Kamenice
A tour of the brewery is possible by prior arrangement with or without beer tasting.

A Gastronomic Experience at the Glassworks

T.G.Masaryka 805, Nový Bor
The glassworks restaurant is directly connected to the glassworks itself. Thanks to the transparent wall made of, you guessed it, glass, you can enjoy not only quality cuisine that takes pride in using fresh local ingredients, but also the skill of Czech craftsmen hard at work on one of their many fascinating projects.

7 days in the Crystal Valley

Křišťálové údolí od Kamenického Šenova po Harrachov
To the Crystal Valley from Kamenický Šenov to Harrachov with just one ticket. These places are connected by hundreds of years of glassmaking and jewellery traditions. If you want to see smaller family businesses, make sure to book your visit in advance.

On Scooters from Panská skála to Česká Lípa

Parking Panská skála, Prácheň
Riding without a seat or pedals while enjoying the local sights is something you should definitely try. All you need to do is rent a scooter from Active Point at Panská skála. You can embark on a 19 km long descent to Česká Lípa along the Varhany bike path. To return to Panská skála, use public transport or book a transfer by minibus.

Cvikov Brewery Tour

Pivovarská 405, Cvikov
How is beer made? The main part of the tour is the very heart of the brewery – a copper brewery vessel located in a room with monumental industrial windows. You will also get to see original cellars with lager barrels as well as a fermentation vat.

Novotný Glass Museum

T.G.Masaryka 805, Nový Bor
Novotný Glass Museum offers visitors a look at a unique collection of modern glass – both industrial and fine art. The greatest part of the experience is the opportunity to watch glassmakers perform their craft in the Novotny Glass Studio from a gallery. The museum aims to enrich cultural life through a permanent exhibition, short-term exhibitions, and lectures, as well as running a glassworks library.

Singletrack Česká Lípa

Česká Lípa
The one-way single-track trail under the Špičák hill is intended for amateur off-road cyclists, both children and adults. The 2,75 kilometres long trail with an elevation gain of 30 metres during 1,5 of these kilometres is set in nature in a sensitive way and offers lots of fun from start to finish. Small riders will appreciate especially the climb on the terrain wave.

Falkenštejn Brewery Tour

Křinické nám. 7, Krásná Lípa
An exhibition of the interesting history of beer brewing in Krásná Lípa and the adjacent region of Šluknovsko together with current methods of beer production, all under one roof!

Pačinek Glass – Glassworks with Experiences

Kunratice u Cvikova 147
The glassworks attract artists from all over the world to visit and practice their craft here. It is also open to the public all year round. Watch the glass masters work in person or enjoy other extraordinary experiences this place has to offer, such as the Glass Garden or the Crystal Temple.

Textile exhibition and workshop

U Vodního hradu 61/32, Česká Lípa
This interactive exhibition comprised of five different routes is a playful demonstration of the current techniques of textile printing and offers the possibility to try these methods by yourself.

Wagon overnight

Rumburská 1920, Varnsdorf
Accommodation in stylish railroad cars directly on the premises of the Kocour brewery. There are two wagons available with a total capacity of 60 beds together with all the necessary hygienic facilities in close proximity. All that at an affordable price.

Enduro & Flow trails Polevsko

Sjezdovka & Bikepark, Polevsko
6 interconnected trails of varying difficulty with a total length of 4 km located on the slopes of a ski resort in Polevsko.

Historical Train Šenovka

nádraží Česká Kamenice
The Tourist Line T1 Kamenický motoráček is a historical train that runs on the so-called „glassmakers‘ local track“, also known as Šenovka, from Česká Kamenice to Kamenický Šenov and back.

Glass Museum Nový Bor

Nám. Míru 105, Nový Bor
A unique collection of glass that paints a real picture of the art of glassmaking in the area of the Lusatian Mountains at the turn of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th.

On Scooters from Panská skála to Česká Kamenice

Parking Panská skála, Prácheň
Do you want to try riding without a seat or pedals? If so, rent a scooter from Active Point at Panská skála. You can embark on a 10 km long descent from Česká Kamenice on small roads winding through the picturesque Prysk. After you come back to Panská skála, feel free to use the historical train Sklářská lokálka or order a transport by minibus.

Klíč (Key) – a mysterious mountain

When visiting the Lusatian Mountains, Klíč is a place you should not miss. The red-marked tourist trail will lead you to views that will simply take your breath away.
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