The Lusatian Mountains and their genius loci are an experience in itself. Deep forests, rustling beeches, fragrant meadows, pastures bustling with life, mysterious valleys, and steep hills – these are the main qualities of the Lusatian Mountains. In addition to lonely mountain paths and breathtaking views, the beer trail will provide the traveler with a plethora of other experiences. And as far as experiences go, the Lusatian Mountains Beer Trails is too good to be missed.

Café and Roastery Bohemian Coffee House

Tř. 9.května 41, Rumburk
Let yourself be intoxicated by the strong aroma of just roasted coffee and enjoy one of more than 20 varieties from strong espresso to filtered to classic Czech turk. Your taste buds will receive a rich supply of impressions and a wide range of homemade savoury and sweet treats.

Beer Truck

Beer Truck 1930

Trávníček 14, Bílá
The mobile taproom can usually be found from May to the end of October in front of the Aries Inn or at various events. But it will also come to you for a company party or other event according to your needs. Experience the original atmosphere of the most retro brasserie that can be. Beer from under Jested, prosecco on tap, gramophone on the crank and a retro corner. Go back 100 years!

Prohlídka pivovaru BORN

Brewery BORN Tour

nám. Míru 100, Nový Bor
Excursion to the brewery with an explanation of the production process, technology used, raw materials and interesting facts about the production. Tasting of malts and sensory exploration of hops from Žatecko to New Zealand. Tasting of up to six beers in the lager cellar.

Glamping Tollendorf

Rozhled 20, JIřetín pod Jedlovou
Accommodation in glamping tents under Tolštejn Castle with breathtaking views of the Lusatian Mountains and thousands of stars overhead.

sklárna Svojkov

Glassworks Svojkov

Svojkov 47, 471 53 Svojkov
Watch master glassmakers specialized in historic glass replicas hard at work on their fascinating projects. In this glassworks, beautiful replicas of historical glass are produced based on data obtained from archaeological research and other historical sources.

On Scooters from Panská skála to Česká Lípa

Parking Panská skála, Prácheň
Riding without a seat or pedals while enjoying the local sights is something you should definitely try. All you need to do is rent a scooter from Active Point at Panská skála. You can embark on a 19 km long descent to Česká Lípa along the Varhany bike path. To return to Panská skála, use public transport or book a transfer by minibus.

On Scooters from Panská skála to Česká Kamenice

Parking Panská skála, Prácheň
Do you want to try riding without a seat or pedals? If so, rent a scooter from Active Point at Panská skála. You can embark on a 10 km long descent from Česká Kamenice on small roads winding through the picturesque Prysk. After you come back to Panská skála, feel free to use the historical train Sklářská lokálka or order a transport by minibus.

Novotný Glass Museum

T.G.Masaryka 805, Nový Bor
Novotný Glass Museum offers visitors a look at a unique collection of modern glass – both industrial and fine art. The greatest part of the experience is the opportunity to watch glassmakers perform their craft in the Novotny Glass Studio from a gallery. The museum aims to enrich cultural life through a permanent exhibition, short-term exhibitions, and lectures, as well as running a glassworks library.

A Gastronomic Experience at the Glassworks

T.G.Masaryka 805, Nový Bor
The glassworks restaurant is directly connected to the glassworks itself. Thanks to the transparent wall made of, you guessed it, glass, you can enjoy not only quality cuisine that takes pride in using fresh local ingredients, but also the skill of Czech craftsmen hard at work on one of their many fascinating projects.