The Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail

About the Beer Trail

The Lusatian Mountains, a picturesque mountain range in northern Bohemia, are the Mecca of brewers and beer lovers. The region is full of larger, smaller, and tiny breweries alike. The beer trail connects mini-breweries, breweries, and businesses where the local beer is served. Apart from the tasty liquid gold, it also offers many experiences along the way that will refresh your journey from one brewery to another in the same way as a properly chilled lager.

The Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail can be completed in a couple of days on foot or in one weekend by bike. It is best experienced with a group of your mates or your beloved. And as far as experiences go, the beer trail is an exquisite one. Emotion, craftsmanship, experience, and diligence count among the basic essences of the art of brewing the best beer possible. The beer that will amaze you with its refined taste. The beer from the Lusatian Mountains.


Diverse regional breweries

From the tradition of homebrewing, through the construction of breweries by city officials or royalty in almost every town, followed by the unhappy postwar years of centralization, when many breweries sadly had to close their gates, to the recent years full of hope, as beer began to be brewed in many places and the intricate craft literally rose from the ashes like the mythical Pheonix.


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