From Krompach pod Hvozdem to Cvikov Brewery


18 km


Krompach, Valy


Cvikov, brewery

Beer-related experiences

Krompach, Farma Hvozd ( Falkenštejn); Brewery Cvikov

Route description

This particular stage of the Beer Trail will reward you not only with stunning views but also with fascinating gems of traditional folk architecture coupled with beautiful monuments of religious origins. Your journey will begin with a hike to the top of Hvozd mountain which, apart from breathtaking views, offers an opportunity to enjoy a glass of ice-cold beer in the mountain hut at the top. The stage then continues to Cvikov, leading you through Mařenice with full of amazing Upper Lusatian houses and the recently renovated church of St. Mary Magdalene, Trávník with Knespel’s lookout point offering a magical view of Hvozd, and finally through Kalvárie (Calvary) all the way to Cvikov, brewery.

Route: Krompach – blue trail mark – Hvozd, peak – yellow trail mark – Babiččin odpočinek, crossroads – blue trail mark – Mařenice – blue trail mark – Trávník – blue trail mark – Kalvárie, Cvikov – Cvikov, brewery

Stay at hotel Kleis and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Cvikov. If you are travelling with a group of friends or prefer a different type of accommodation, choose Sklářská roubenka (Glassmakers’ Chalet) in Lindava!

We recommend paying a visit to the Glass Garden and the Glass Church in Kunratice u Cvikova. You can also enjoy a glass of Sklář 8° at the Glass Canteen!

Points of interest

Thousand-year-old yew in Krompach, top of Hvozd with lookout tower, Mařenice – folk houses, Calvary in Cvikov, Cvikov brewery

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