From Tolštejn, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou to Hvozd in Krompach


15 km


Jiřetín pod Jedlovou



Beer-related experiences

If you want to enjoy Cvikov beer, visit the castle restaurant at Tolštejn or the Hvozd farm in Krompach where Falkenštejn is served

Route description

This is a more demanding stage of the Beer Trails which will see you beat an elevation gain of 500 metres. First, you will descend sharply from Tolštejn to the valley of the village Lesná, only to climb back up to Ptačinec. You are at the border with Germany now and have two options how to proceed – either beat the serpentines to Luž mountain from the Czech side or take it easy and get there from the German side. After that, the stage descends again all the way to the border in Waltersdorf, continuing to Dolní Světlá with many accommodation options including guest houses and private quarters. Afterwards, you will continue along the red marked trail through the forest to Krompach, Valy. Here you will have an opportunity to enjoy the many tastes and colours of Falkenštejn beer at the Hvozd farm.

Route: Tolštejn, castle ruin – red trail mark – Pod Ptačincem, crossroads – red trail mark –Lužická cesta, crossroads – green trail mark (Germany) – Luž, peak – green trail mark (Germany) – Waltersdorf, crossroads – red trail mark – Valy, Krompach

Points of interest

Tolštejn castle ruin, educational trail through Milířka valley, peak of Luž, highest mountain, Upper Lusatian houses in Dolní Světlá, Krompach

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