From Cvikov Brewery to Lípák Brewery, Česká Lípa


20 km


Cvikov, Brewery Cvikov


Česká Lípa, Brewery Lípák

Beer-related experiences

Brewery Cvikov, restaurant Pod hradem (Sloup v Čechách), brewery Lípák in Česká Lípa

Route description

This long yet undemanding stage of the Beer Trail will not only allow you to enjoy a pleasant walk through a forest and among fascinating rock formations, but also an inspiring hike with beautiful views of the area surrounding Česká Lípa. What is more, you will even pay a visit to the legendary rock castle and hermitage of Sloup.

Route: Cvikov, brewery – Cvikov, square – blue trail mark – Údolí samoty – blue trail mark – Radvanec – blue trail mark – Sloup Rock Castle – blue trail mark – Pihel – blue trail mark – Česká Lípa, city park – Česká Lípa, monastery – Česká Lípa, Lípák brewery

Česká Lípa offers a multitude of accommodation options. Additionally, you can go by train/bus to Nový Bor and find several more options there.

Points of interest

Údolí samoty (Valley of Solitude), rock reliefs in Radvanec, Radvanec pond, Sloup castle, Česká Lípa, historical centre, Lípák brewery in monastery garden

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