From Krásná Lípa, Falkenštejn to Kocour, Varnsdorf


16 km


Krásná Lípa, Brewery Falkenštejn


Varnsdorf, Brewery Kocour

Beer-related experiences

Brewery Falkenštejn, Brewery Kocour

Route description

The stage between Krásná Lípa and Varnsdorf will lead you mainly along forest roads with a small detour to the Křinice springs. If you like beautiful views, make sure to visit Světliny located north of Varnsdorf and the lookout tower located in Hrádek near the German border. In addition, Varnsdorf itself is definitely worth a visit – it has a very rich industrial history that can be felt at every turn. As of today, for the most part, the town’s industrial significance at the turn of the 19th and 20th century can be guessed only from the many abandoned factories.

Route: Krásná Lípa, Falkenštejn brewery – blue trail mark – Křinice springs – blue trail mark – Studánka – Varnsdorf, old railway station – green trail mark – Hrádek, lookout tower – green trail mark – Kocour brewery

As for accommodation, we recommend staying at Kocour brewery, either at the hotel or in train cars for added experience.

Points of interest

Krásná Lípa – town centre, House of Bohemian Switzerland, surroundings of Krásná Lípa (Kyjov valley, Sněžná, Vlčí hora…), Křinice river springs, Varnsdorf – walk through the city, former centre of textile industry with a number of interesting villas, factories, and other historical buildings, Hrádek – lookout tower

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