From Chřibská, Usedlost Na Stodolci to Falkenštejn, Krásná Lípa


13 km


Dolní Chřibská, Usedlost Na Stodolci


Krásná Lípa, Brewery Falkenštejn

Beer-related experiences

Usedlost Na Stodolci; Brewery Falkenštejn

Route description

The stage begins with a walk along Chřibská Kamenice lined with valuable houses built in the typical local style. It will take you all the way to the town centre. From there, you will climb the old road to Rybniště where you will get on a forest track to a lookout point named Karlova výšina that offers a breathtaking view of the Lusatian Mountains. Krásná Lípa is not far away at this point – we recommend going for a walk through the local city park which is full of interesting nooks and crannies. Enjoy a short rest by the Cimrák pond or explore the incredibly valuable tomb of the Dittrich family which is now undergoing general reconstruction. The Krásná Lípa square is a paradise for lovers of beer specials. The beers can be enjoyed on the terrace of the Falkenštejn brewery. It is a great place for all coffee lovers as well – there are a couple of pleasant cafés nearby.

Route: Dolní Chřibská, Usedlost Na Stodolci – green trail mark – Chřibská, square – blue trail mark – Rybniště – red trail mark – Pod Kočičí skálou, crossroads – blue trail mark – Karlova výšina, lookout point – Pod Vápenkou, crossroads – red trail mark – Krásná Lípa, square

As for accommodation, we recommend staying at Falkenštejn brewery on the square in Krásná Lípa. Otherwise, there are a number of other suitable options in the city.

Points of interest

Chřibská – Upper Lusatian style houses, Tadeáš Haenke museum, Karlova Výšina lookout point, city park Krásná Lípa – Dittrich Family Tomb, House of Bohemian Switzerland, oldest Upper Lusatian house U Frindta

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