From Nový Bor, Born Brewery to Helene Brewery, Kytlice


12 km


Nový Bor, Brewery Born


Kytlice, Mini-Brewery Helene

Beer-related experiences

Brewery Born (Nový Bor), mini-brewery Helene (Kytlice)

Route description

The shortest stage of the Beer Trail with a hike to the top of Klíč, a mountain dominant of the Lusatian Mountains. You will be able to discover the secrets of Nový Bor, a city famous for its glassmaking tradition where glass is waiting for you at every corner. Take a stroll to the peak of Klíč and enjoy an astonishing all-round view, then slowly descend to the magically beautiful town of Kytlice with typical Upper Lusatian style houses and finish your journey in the Helene guest house where you will have an opportunity to enjoy a glass of delicious local beer as a reward.

Route: Nový Bor, Born brewery – red trail mark – Klíč, summit – blue trail mark – Pod vrcholem, crossroads – yellow trail mark – Kytlice – Helene Guest House and Mini-Brewery

Points of interest

historical centre of Nový Bor – museum of glass, glassworks, glass house; Klíč with an all-round view; Kytlice – Upper Lusatian style houses, forest swimming pool

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