From Kytlice, Helene Mini Brewery to Kotouč, Česká Kamenice


17 km


Kytlice, Mini-brewery Helene


Česká Kamenice , Brewery Kotouč

Beer-related experiences

mini-brewery Helene, Lednice Beer Trails (Panská skála information centre – selection of beers from 5 local breweries and information centre Česká Kamenice – selection of beers from 5 local breweries), Kotouč brewery in Kamenice

Route description

The stage from Kytlice will allow you to enjoy several of the most iconic places of the Lusatian Mountains, beginning with the peak of Polevský vrch which on a clear day offers views all the way to Krkonoše mountains, through the former basalt columns quarry on Klučky, to Panská skála, possibly the most frequently photographed rock formation in the country. You will also be able to discover the ancient guard castle Kamenice with a magical view of Bohemian Switzerland, Central Bohemian Uplands, and Lusatian Mountains. Your journey will end in the centre of the historically significant town of Česká Kamenice where three landscape parks meet (Lausatian Mountains, Central Bohemian Uplands and Labské pískovce).

Route: Kytlice, guest house and mini-brewery Helene – yellow trail mark – Pod Polevským vrchem, crossroads – along the beaten path to the top of Polevský vrch – further along an unmarked beaten path – Kaplička – Nad Polevskem, crossroads – blue trail mark – Klučky – blue trail mark – Panská skála, Varhany – information centre – green trail mark – Kamenice castle ruin – green trail mark – Česká Kamenice – information centre – Kotouč brewery

In Česká Kamenice, there are many places to spend the night. The options include hotels, hostels, apartments, guest houses, as well as private accommodation.

Points of interest

Polevský vrch, former quarry Klučky, Panská skála or Varhany, Glass Museum and Glassmakers’ School in Kamenický Šenov, Kamenice castle ruin, urban monument zone in Česká Kamenice (Church of St. Jacob the Elder, Marian chapel, square)

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