Beer Trail of 155 Kilometres


155 km


anywhere on the trail


anywhere on the trail

Beer-related experiences

Route description

The journey on the Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail can be started anywhere along the way, and since is it a round trip, you can finish at the very point you started. The ideal starting point is Česká Lípa which can be reached by public transport. From that point, everything depends solely on what you can do physically – do you want to complete the whole trail in one go, dividing it into several stages? Or do you want to make your trip last a couple of days or even weekends? The trail will take you not only from one brewery to another, but mainly from one experience to another and from one attractive destination to another. The beer will serve as a reward after a hard day full of active sightseeing.

Points of interest

The trail leads through the most beautiful of mountains and foothills. It will take you to the most famous local places, such as Tolštejn castle or Luž mountain, as well as some astonishing places known only by few.

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