Wooden house Glassworks Pačinek

Lindava 82

This building is sure to enchant you not only with its traditional Upper Lusatian style, but also its history which maps the life of a local glass artist called Jiří Pačinek. The house is the place where this talented craftsman spent most of his life, both personal and private. Sklářská roubenka is taken care of by the glassmakers themselves and it is evident from its pristine condition – everything is done here with tender loving care. The house provides its guests with a cosy place to stay. Even if you come only for a couple of days, the local fresh air will make you feel relaxed and inspired. All that, of course, thanks to the omni-present fine art glass. Sklářská roubenka can accommodate up to 19 guests in 8 rooms for 2 to 4 people.